Soul Winning Tools.

Soul-winning is the act of leading souls. It is directing people to embrace the holy word that is Jesus Christ. The lost souls need to understand that Christ died on the cross on behalf of their sins. It is such true love from God that should draw more people to him. Unfortunately, a large number get caught in life activities, living oblivious of God’s rules. God commands every Christian to use the necessary soul winning tools and bring home the lost sheep. It is a demand and not a request as the new testament emphasizes the action as seen in different chapters. Sharing the gospel isn’t a walk in the park. It requires spiritual and psychological preparation for you to achieve the goal. However, through prayer for guidance, God will indeed send the holy spirit to lead you. You can use the following approaches to get the message across successfully.

Sin Acknowledgment.

Unless someone knows they’re lost, they will not see sense in getting saved. In your mission of evangelizing, it is vital first to make your listeners understand they’re sinners. Use the example of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden to explain the origin of sin. Shed more light on factors in the current life that translate to sin. Explaining this fact to them will help them see where they go wrong. Preach about hope regarding the good news. To gain God’s forgiveness, they must first admit they’re sinners the consequently seek forgiveness. Repenting is one effective way of approaching God. Jesus came to the world to save everyone from all the condemnation that already existed. Your listeners shouldn’t be worried about getting condemned any further. Although the goal is to go to heaven, the door will forever remain closed if you do not obtain forgiveness.

Handling Obstacles.

Most people live their life to put a roof over their heads and food on the table. The activities they undergo can be overwhelming, thus distracting them from learning about the gospel. A true evangelist should use these aspects as one of the influential soul winning tools. Enlighten your listeners about the hindrances that will prevent them from getting salvation. This method is quite useful if you are dealing with one on one meetings. Have in-depth talks and find out where the people go wrong. Help them come up with a schedule where they can spare time during the day to learn more. Offer to make follow-ups or have weekly meetings to help them with the course. God is the giver of all good things. All Christians must spare time to give thanks for all the gifts they get from him. Sharing the word of God is one way of handling the issue. Laying out all the obstacles and doing away with them will leave you more time. Focus more on what is essential.

The sole purpose of soul winning tools is to shed more light on the benefits of living as per God’s rules. Everything you desire will come to you, but only if you live a worthy life.

How To Evangelize. How Can You Prepare For The Mission?

The joy of every Christian lies in knowing they can share the word of God with everybody they meet in their lifetime. It is a responsibility bestowed to them by God himself. Jesus did the same thing until he died on the cross and went back to heaven. Christians should now work following his example here on earth. One challenge that arises, though, is a lack of knowledge about the kind of people you may meet. It poses a setback; thus, most Christians fail to achieve the goal. However, through the holy spirit, you are assured of guidance along every path you will take. The mission becomes a straightforward process. God sends the Holy Spirit to go before you and prepare the course. Additionally, he provides the words that you can employ to convict and draw people to him. However, to acquire such a status in life and learn how to evangelize, you must first let your heart open for the following lessons.

Follow The Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is God’s way of guiding you when you embark on this mission. Paul was a messenger in the bible. He did not know where he would be going or the kind of people he would meet. Initially, there was a little bit of uncertainty in his heart. However, God assured him that he would always be by his side. The holy spirit still revealed to him the right people to visit. These were people whose hearts were ripe and ready to receive the good news. Without a doubt, paul did an exceptional job. When you take this task, always pray for guidance from above. You cannot manage this monumental task alone. It requires more than the intervention of human beings. Be open to God and ask him for help.

Speak From Gods Perspective.

One common misconception about evangelism is that it is just a Christian thing to do. The assumption is wrong in so many ways. By thinking in is the line, most people take the task very lightly. They evangelize because the church that they attend demands them to do so. Others undertake the mission to try and please God. Well, God sees beyond your actions. He sees deep in your heart and can tell your profound intentions. Before you start learning how to evangelize, it is vital to pray. Pray for a clear picture so that you may know what is in his heart. The way people live saddens God. The wrong decisions in the world, the lack of humanity, and selfishness among people are something that you should help change. Ask him to shine a light so that you can take this task from his view. By understanding that he wants to change, you have the chance to come boldly and relay a similar message to your listeners.

Evangelism is quite a compelling but complex task. Always strive to seek God’s guidance, and indeed, you will win more souls. It is never easy, but once you begin, it becomes a lifestyle.

Understanding How To Share Your Faith

Sharing your faith is a challenge for many. Understanding how to share your faith can seem intimidating at first, however, with a bit of prayer beforehand and watching for opportunities to share your faith, you’ll find it easier each and every time.

Start by asking God to help you identify your opportunities each day to share your faith. A good time to do this is shortly after you wake up in the morning and start your day. In fact, if you start your day with God, this is the perfect time to do it.

A simple prayer is all it takes to begin sharing your faith. Once you see and opportunity you can ask questions such as “Do you know what happens to you when you die?” Or, “I’m so glad I believe in God in these times”. There are many great ways to open a conversation, you can look up a few great ways to break the ice with a simple question or sentence and go from there.

Remember, you don’t always have to use words to share your faith. Actions have always spoken louder than words. If you live your faith, your life will be a testament to your faith daily. Remember this in all that you do. Ask God to help you to show your faith in all that you do.

Ask your friends and family to help you by praying and having Bible studies together to pray for those with who you’re attempting to share your faith. Make it a habit to learn peoples names when you first meet them, if you’re bad with names, you may need to write the names down until you can remember them.

When you talk to people and say their name, it will show them that you’re thinking of them. Pray for them by name when you say your prayers. Ask God to help you remember their names and their needs.

Sharing your faith will become easier the more that you do it. You have the opportunity to share your faith every time you meet someone or see someone that you know. Just remember, don’t be like a pushy salesman, no one likes a pushy salesman. Instead, be gentle.

Remember that the voice of God is gentle and your job is not to judge anyone, but rather, to share your faith and talk to them about God. You want to be the person that they call when they have a question about faith, not the person that they avoid.

Picture yourself as walking hand in hand with Jesus when you approach someone to share faith with. This will help you to feel more secure about what you’re sharing. Not everyone is going to be receptive when you share. Even if someone doesn’t seem receptive, continue praying for them. You may not be the person who gets to see it flourish, you may only be the one that plants the seed. Knowing how to share your faith will become easier with time.

Soul Winning Methods You Won’t Want To Miss

Prayer is the key to soul winning methods. Start each day out with prayer. Ask God to help you to discern which persons that cross your path you should be sharing with. Step out of your comfort zone and get to know others before you begin soul winning.

Soul winning is an art and you’ll want to be prepared in mind, body, and soul before you embark on your soul winning journey. Focus on your prayer life and ask how you should proceed. Keep in mind that not everyone that crosses your path is the person you’re going to be sharing with, however, most of the people who cross your path you’ll will be sharing with.

Have several different approaches. For some, you’ll want to take some time and get to know them. Ask them to lunch, coffee, or maybe take a work break with them and go for a walk or eat together. This is a great way to get to know someone and slowly work toward your goal.

For others, you’ll want to find a common interest. This may be someone that you volunteer with, someone that you frequently see at a store, or while you’re out running errands. Pay close attention to those that you’re seeing often in your daily life. Chance’s are that this is a sign to you that you should be sharing with this person.

Get together with some like-minded friends and go invite that neighbor or friend to a special event. It could be a men’s retreat, a women’s retreat, a church service, a barbeque, or some other special event. Take the opportunity to create an opportunity but make it fun.

Soul winning isn’t all about having to do something with another person. It’s about winning souls and doing it efficiently without feeling like it’s a huge chore. Pray for your friends and family and ask them to pray with you and for you as you witness to others.

Another method that many overlook, is simply your actions. Actions speak louder than words. Do your actions reflect that you’re soul winning? Do your actions display correctly your intimate walk with God? If not, then work to improve that so that your heart-felt faith will shine through your actions.

Don’t overlook your close friends and family. Start conversations about soul winning with them to see how they feel about it. Ask them probing questions such as “Do you know where we go when we die”? This can be the start of an interesting conversation. Share your perspective and ask for theirs. It may well open a door to soul winning.

There are too many soul winning methods to list however, the more you go about soul winning, the more you’re going to recognize your opportunities. Soul winning will become a daily habit and it won’t feel uncomfortable is you do it daily. Approach each opportunity softly and ask for Gods guidance and you’ll work your way though it easily. Don’t let it intimidate you, that’s just the other side working against you.

How To Start Soul Winning. The Steps To Follow.

Soul-winning can be an intensive process, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Take is a task like Jesus did. He lived his life as an example for others. He always helped the needy, preached to masses whenever he got a chance and drove away evils spirits. It is through his life and work that more people drew closer to God. They learned of his ways since they knew salvation awaited them. When you want to know more about how to start soul winning, this example is the first that you should copy. It is imperative to have some guidelines to help you along the path. There is no guarantee that people will welcome you with open arms. Jesus faced rejection in his hometown, and you can expect a worse situation. Nevertheless, the goal is achievable.


All soul-winners have to undergo some form of preparation through training. You will also require spiritual guidance since you are on a mission to spread the gospel. The uncertainty of the rejection that you will meet will require a higher power to hold your hand. Most people have tried and gave up since they lacked the skill to go about the mission. The vital aspect of how to start soul winning is to walk in the footsteps of Jesus. Start sustaining yourself by leading a holy and righteous life. Set an example for the public, and in the long run, it will give you a platform to get heard. If you are a member of any church, stay active and participate in any voluntary works. Conduct Bible studies and teach about God’s word. Take some courses to understand the bible. It is the only source of information that you will teach people. You can try as much to fuse it to your listeners’ current life activities to understand and learn as much as possible. Information will give you an added advantage to tackle any questions that might come up along away. A little bit of uncertainty can lead to a lack of confidence from people. You have to be bold and proclaim the gospel in the best way possible.

Make Soul Winning A lifestyle.

One misconception about how to start soul winning is that it is a job conducted at a particular time. Evangelism is something that you do every single day of your life. When Christ lives in you, you have to share him at any slight opportunity that you get. You can win souls in the office, restaurant, school, lift, or online. Any platform that is ideal for communication should be your encouragement. You do not require any representation or a proper setup. The word is in you; therefore, let it out anywhere. The more you use this approach, the more comfortable it will get. You will get more courage to talk to anyone. Fortunately, the internet is available, and you can always access any reading material at any time.

If you want to become a successful soul winner, you must first have an open mind and trust in God.