How To Evangelize. How Can You Prepare For The Mission?

How To Evangelize. How Can You Prepare For The Mission?

The joy of every Christian lies in knowing they can share the word of God with everybody they meet in their lifetime. It is a responsibility bestowed to them by God himself. Jesus did the same thing until he died on the cross and went back to heaven. Christians should now work following his example here on earth. One challenge that arises, though, is a lack of knowledge about the kind of people you may meet. It poses a setback; thus, most Christians fail to achieve the goal. However, through the holy spirit, you are assured of guidance along every path you will take. The mission becomes a straightforward process. God sends the Holy Spirit to go before you and prepare the course. Additionally, he provides the words that you can employ to convict and draw people to him. However, to acquire such a status in life and learn how to evangelize, you must first let your heart open for the following lessons.

Follow The Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is God’s way of guiding you when you embark on this mission. Paul was a messenger in the bible. He did not know where he would be going or the kind of people he would meet. Initially, there was a little bit of uncertainty in his heart. However, God assured him that he would always be by his side. The holy spirit still revealed to him the right people to visit. These were people whose hearts were ripe and ready to receive the good news. Without a doubt, paul did an exceptional job. When you take this task, always pray for guidance from above. You cannot manage this monumental task alone. It requires more than the intervention of human beings. Be open to God and ask him for help.

Speak From Gods Perspective.

One common misconception about evangelism is that it is just a Christian thing to do. The assumption is wrong in so many ways. By thinking in is the line, most people take the task very lightly. They evangelize because the church that they attend demands them to do so. Others undertake the mission to try and please God. Well, God sees beyond your actions. He sees deep in your heart and can tell your profound intentions. Before you start learning how to evangelize, it is vital to pray. Pray for a clear picture so that you may know what is in his heart. The way people live saddens God. The wrong decisions in the world, the lack of humanity, and selfishness among people are something that you should help change. Ask him to shine a light so that you can take this task from his view. By understanding that he wants to change, you have the chance to come boldly and relay a similar message to your listeners.

Evangelism is quite a compelling but complex task. Always strive to seek God’s guidance, and indeed, you will win more souls. It is never easy, but once you begin, it becomes a lifestyle.