Soul Winning Tools.

Soul Winning Tools.

Soul-winning is the act of leading souls. It is directing people to embrace the holy word that is Jesus Christ. The lost souls need to understand that Christ died on the cross on behalf of their sins. It is such true love from God that should draw more people to him. Unfortunately, a large number get caught in life activities, living oblivious of God’s rules. God commands every Christian to use the necessary soul winning tools and bring home the lost sheep. It is a demand and not a request as the new testament emphasizes the action as seen in different chapters. Sharing the gospel isn’t a walk in the park. It requires spiritual and psychological preparation for you to achieve the goal. However, through prayer for guidance, God will indeed send the holy spirit to lead you. You can use the following approaches to get the message across successfully.

Sin Acknowledgment.

Unless someone knows they’re lost, they will not see sense in getting saved. In your mission of evangelizing, it is vital first to make your listeners understand they’re sinners. Use the example of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden to explain the origin of sin. Shed more light on factors in the current life that translate to sin. Explaining this fact to them will help them see where they go wrong. Preach about hope regarding the good news. To gain God’s forgiveness, they must first admit they’re sinners the consequently seek forgiveness. Repenting is one effective way of approaching God. Jesus came to the world to save everyone from all the condemnation that already existed. Your listeners shouldn’t be worried about getting condemned any further. Although the goal is to go to heaven, the door will forever remain closed if you do not obtain forgiveness.

Handling Obstacles.

Most people live their life to put a roof over their heads and food on the table. The activities they undergo can be overwhelming, thus distracting them from learning about the gospel. A true evangelist should use these aspects as one of the influential soul winning tools. Enlighten your listeners about the hindrances that will prevent them from getting salvation. This method is quite useful if you are dealing with one on one meetings. Have in-depth talks and find out where the people go wrong. Help them come up with a schedule where they can spare time during the day to learn more. Offer to make follow-ups or have weekly meetings to help them with the course. God is the giver of all good things. All Christians must spare time to give thanks for all the gifts they get from him. Sharing the word of God is one way of handling the issue. Laying out all the obstacles and doing away with them will leave you more time. Focus more on what is essential.

The sole purpose of soul winning tools is to shed more light on the benefits of living as per God’s rules. Everything you desire will come to you, but only if you live a worthy life.