Soul Winning Methods You Won’t Want To Miss

Soul Winning Methods You Won't Want To Miss

Prayer is the key to soul winning methods. Start each day out with prayer. Ask God to help you to discern which persons that cross your path you should be sharing with. Step out of your comfort zone and get to know others before you begin soul winning.

Soul winning is an art and you’ll want to be prepared in mind, body, and soul before you embark on your soul winning journey. Focus on your prayer life and ask how you should proceed. Keep in mind that not everyone that crosses your path is the person you’re going to be sharing with, however, most of the people who cross your path you’ll will be sharing with.

Have several different approaches. For some, you’ll want to take some time and get to know them. Ask them to lunch, coffee, or maybe take a work break with them and go for a walk or eat together. This is a great way to get to know someone and slowly work toward your goal.

For others, you’ll want to find a common interest. This may be someone that you volunteer with, someone that you frequently see at a store, or while you’re out running errands. Pay close attention to those that you’re seeing often in your daily life. Chance’s are that this is a sign to you that you should be sharing with this person.

Get together with some like-minded friends and go invite that neighbor or friend to a special event. It could be a men’s retreat, a women’s retreat, a church service, a barbeque, or some other special event. Take the opportunity to create an opportunity but make it fun.

Soul winning isn’t all about having to do something with another person. It’s about winning souls and doing it efficiently without feeling like it’s a huge chore. Pray for your friends and family and ask them to pray with you and for you as you witness to others.

Another method that many overlook, is simply your actions. Actions speak louder than words. Do your actions reflect that you’re soul winning? Do your actions display correctly your intimate walk with God? If not, then work to improve that so that your heart-felt faith will shine through your actions.

Don’t overlook your close friends and family. Start conversations about soul winning with them to see how they feel about it. Ask them probing questions such as “Do you know where we go when we die”? This can be the start of an interesting conversation. Share your perspective and ask for theirs. It may well open a door to soul winning.

There are too many soul winning methods to list however, the more you go about soul winning, the more you’re going to recognize your opportunities. Soul winning will become a daily habit and it won’t feel uncomfortable is you do it daily. Approach each opportunity softly and ask for Gods guidance and you’ll work your way though it easily. Don’t let it intimidate you, that’s just the other side working against you.